Faculty Aims:

The English Faculty consists of 12 outstanding teachers who provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities consistently for the 1500 students enrolled at this school. Our focus is on engaging our students in relevant and rigorous teaching and learning, in a supportive, positive learning environment. We provide a differentiated curriculum focused on developing problem solving, critical thinkers.
Effective teaching and learning depends on teachers providing a variety of engaging experiences that address the broad range of learning styles and needs for all students in all year groups. By utilising innovative technology and engaging with a broad range of teaching tools, the English teachers at BPHS offer students outstanding learning opportunities.

Courses Offered:

English Years 7-10
Senior English
English Studies
English Standard
English Advanced
English Extension 1
English Extension 2

Faculty Extra Curricula / Extension:

Premier’s Debating Challenge
Debate coaching

Significant Successes in 2016:

Band 6s in English Advanced and Standard

Two Band 6s in Standard English which is unheard of in Bossley Park High School history

7 ENG G participated in the Get Writing program run by Western Sydney University and produced a magazine and a collection of short stories. 

Significant Successes in 2014-15:

Band 6s in English Advanced and ESL

Continued success in the Premier’s Debating Challenge