Gifted and Talented

Bossley Park High School prides itself on enriching the learning of all students, not only those who have been identified as being gifted and talented.  We cater for the diverse learning needs and styles of each student and have offer an enrichment program for our gifted and talented classes for years 7 – 10. 

For students to gain a place in the year 7 class they must sit for our GATs test that is held during March prior to their entry into the school. Students are tested on their ability in Mathematics, English language and General Reasoning Abilities. The tests are marked and ranked by ACER – Australian Council for Educational Research. Once students have gained entry into a gifted and talented class they must earn their right to remain in it.

Staff are provided with the opportunities to be professionally developed in the teaching of gifted and talented students. The Gagne model of Giftedness and Talent has been used to guide this teacher training and development.

Gagne's Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent propose that ‘the child progresses from giftedness (high potential) to talent (high performance) through the learning process, assisted by intra-personal and environmental factors. That is, gifts are innate abilities and talents are systematically developed skills’. He also maintains that students can be gifted in one subject area and not necessarily all areas. This model also recognises the student who may have high ability but who may be under-achieving or prevented from realising his or her potential by environmental, personality or physiological constraints. The teacher's task is to recognise the gifts and foster the talents.

Bossley Park High school offers a Gifted and Talented Enrichment program is the following strands:
  • Core Academic (English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography)
  • Music, Dance and Drama
  • Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Talented Football; and
  • Netball

Academic Selective class organisation

In year 7, there is one gifted and talented class and students remain in the same class for all subjects. They are, however, integrated for welfare, social and sporting programs. In year 8, students will be placed into the gifted and talented stream depending on their results gained in year 7. Whilst in years 9 to 10 gifted and talented students remain in their gifted and talented class for the core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and PDHPE, they will be integrated in their elective subjects. Once again students must earn the right to be in the gifted and talented class. Teachers of the GAT classes have regular grade meetings to discuss and support the students in this program.

Students in the gifted and talented classes in each of Years 7 to 10 study the core curriculum in the relevant subjects in common with their year cohort; however, this curriculum is compacted and qualitatively differentiated to allow more time for enrichment, extension, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Within the senior school students are integrated in all subjects, although we do offer an accelerated Mathematics Program for students from Yrs 9 -12. 

For more information about the courses on offer, please click on the document below. 

Discipline Area Programs

In year 7, these programs are aligned in the timetable to allow students to access the GAT class for their particular strength, and may also be expected to attend before or after school workshops. For TFP and Netball, extension and development squads are run through the SPORT period. From year 8 onwards, these are delivered through elective courses as well as the extra workshops that occur.

Sydney FC Academy Football School

Bossley Park High School is proud to be a Sydney FC Academy Football School. The program is a full time program year round football program which is designed to provide additional training opportunities to support young players motivated to reach their potential while at the same time pursuing a first-class education. The program reflects the Sydney FC Academy philosophies on playing, coaching, learning and talent identification.

Visit the Sydney FC Academy Football School website for more information.

Application Process

Any interested candidate must submit an application form.  
For more information, please read the information booklet below:

There is a $25.00 application fee ($35 if submitted late), to cover the cost of the testing, payable on submission of the application form to the Front Office. 

For any information regarding the Gifted and Talented Program please contact Laura Roby HT Learning Support.