Faculty Aims:

Learning History does not have to be about the past. History involves making links with human experiences which have shaped our modern world. In History we aim to engage student understanding through modern technology and provide a learning environment which challenges and offers students an opportunity to ask meaningful questions that are insightful and can show a deep understanding and empathy for past and present events.


Courses Offered:

Mandatory History Year 7

Mandatory History Year 8

Elective History Year 8 

Mandatory History Year 9 

Elective History Year 9 

Mandatory History Year 10

Elective History Year 10

Year 11 Ancient History

Year 11 Modern History

Year 11 Studies of Religion I & II

Year 12 Ancient History

Year 12 Modern History

 Year 12 History Extension Year 12 Studies of Religion I & II

Significant Successes in 2014-15:

Every student that participates in History elective in years 9-10 are given a wonderful opportunity to travel to Melbourne and Canberra as seen last year where students were given a Historical tour of the city as well as the museums and art galleries. 
History elective students are involved in the planning and programming of the ANZAC ceremony as this is a significant part of Australian History. 
History has been successful in gaining positive results with over 40% of our cohort receiving bands 5 and 6 in Ancient History and 50% obtaining bands 5 and 6 in Modern History last year.