Faculty Aims: 

The Languages Faculty aims to provide an opportunity for students who have no background knowledge to learn another language as well as to enhance and improve those native speakers who would like to continue studying languages for the HSC and beyond.
Students are able to learn and become involved in a cultural experience which will allow them to utlise this knowledge if they see themselves travelling in the future.  
Languages aims to make their subject practical and useful for students by incorporating modern technology and fun and innovative ways to learning a new language. 

Courses Offered:

Mandatory Spanish Year 7

Mandatory Italian Year 7

Elective Year 8 Spanish

Elective Year 8 Italian

Elective Year 9 Spanish

Elective Year 9 Italian

Elective Year 10 Spanish

Elective Year 10 Italian

Year 11 Italian Beginners

Year 11 Spanish Beginners

Year 11 Spanish Continuers

Year 12 Italian Beginners

Year 12 Spanish Beginners

Year 12 Spanish Continuers

Year 12 Spanish Extension 

Significant Successes in 2014-15:

The Language teachers have taken students to restaurants and the city for a hands on experience where they use the language to communicate with other members of the community.
Languages are involved in Harmony day which generates a sense of unity within our large multicultural school. 
The Languages faculty have been successful in gaining first in the state for extension Spanish in 2012.