Faculty Aims:

The Science faculty are committed to providing the students of Bossley Park High School with quality teaching and learning experiences that cater towards 21st century learners. Teachers are frequently engaged in professional development workshops to further our skills.

We focus on providing practical experiences for our Science students so that they can apply their scientific knowledge to real life situations. This allows them to develop an understanding of the world around them and become scientifically literate citizens.

Courses Offered:

Science Mandatory (Years 7-10)
Technology Agriculture Mandatory (Year 7)
Agriculture Technology Elective (Years 8-10)
Biology (Years 11 & 12)
Chemistry (Years 11 & 12)
Physics (Years 11 & 12)
Investigating Science (Years 11 & 12) Watch video by Jack Bown & Lina Angeleski
Agriculture (Years 11 & 12)
Environmental Science (Years 11 & 12)
Marine Studies (Years 11 & 12) See the Video

Faculty Extra Curricula / Extension:

Chemistry Titration Competition
Science and Engineering Challenge
Science Competition
RC Hobby Club
After school GAT programs
HSC after school revision classes
Stream watch
Agriculture Show Team


iSTEM (build trebuchets, LED lighting, RC vehicles, materials testing, programming, Arduino & robotics)

Bringing Back Memories - Special moments in student's Science learning

7ScienceT explains how to prepare a speech in Science

Video Eclipses explained, thanks to JH !

Video Trebuchet with DA

Video Spinning rocket by DA JT GO

Musical test tubes by RH EB DL

Radio Talkshow Circulatory System by TV HH JM KT JN

Radio Talkshow Headache by KDP GS et al

Radio Talkshow Colds and Flu

Radio Talkshow Arthritis

Radio Talkshow Sports Injury by NY et al

Radio Ad Cantina Club by AA AM et al

Radio Ad Mars Holiday Deals by TB UK Anja

Radio Ad Batteries James Luke

Radio Ad Renewable Energy by EC AM

TV News Report The Ozone Layer by JH ES TW

TV Ad Travelling to Earth Alien Style by EM TA

TV Ad Hyperspace Adventures by JW et al

TV Ad Jupiter Bio-dome by JS JT CT Gianni et al

Students designing, building and testing in STEM


Kerrie hits the bull's eye with a brilliant dissection of a bull's eye showing the lens, part of the iris and choroid.


Students learn about Bionics in Senior Science by building a reticulating hand.

Students learns about projectile motion, velocity and forces with water rockets


Students learn genetics to make plasticine babies



Students design, build and test egg protecting helmets in Senior Science


Year 7 Taronga Zoo Excursion

Year 8 Blue Mountains Excursion


Building solar powered cars and racing them

Performing experiments

Mr Newton making fresh ice cream with liquid Nitrogen