Social Science

Faculty Aims:

The Social Science Faculty provides a wide range of learning experiences designed for all students across stages 4, 5 and 6 in both mandatory and elective courses. These courses seek to provide students with an understanding of the natural and cultural worlds, in geography. While the study of  Commerce and the Stage 6 courses allow students to undertake indepth study of the social, economic, legal and business worlds as well as gaining dual accreditation through the study of VET courses in Stage 6

Courses Offered:

Stages 4 and 5
Stage 6
Business Services (VET)
Business Studies  
Legal Studies
Retail Services (VET) 
Society and Culture

Faculty Extra Curricula / Extension:

In Geography (Stages 4 and 5 ) a gifted and talented program is run for students accepted into the school’s academic program together with other students who are identified who are identified ad GAT in geography.

Significant Successes in 2014-15:

In the 2014 HSC students were once again successful in obtaining band 6 results in a range of course