International Students

At Bossley Park High School, we have a number of students enrolled as International Students. These students come from a range of countries including Vietnam and China.  They bring with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and cultural understanding that has been beneficial for our school and our students.

At Bossley Park High School we support the learning and welfare needs of International Students through a variety of programs, classes and activities.

If you are an International Student that would like to enrol at Bossley Park High School, please see the DE International website –

International students may also apply for Gifted and Talented programs including:
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Drama)
  • Talented football program
  • Technology Robotics
  • Talented netball program
Should you like further information regarding the International Student Program at Bossley Park School, please contact the International Student Co-ordinator Mr Daniel Huynh. For Gifted and Talented program enquiries contact the school office or Ms Roby HT Learning Support.