Healthy School Canteen Strategy

The NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy aims to promote health and well-being of your child in all government primary and high schools by providing healthier food and drink choices to encourage healthy growth and development.
Our school canteen is working towards supporting and achieving this strategy by the start of 2020. Please continue to support our canteen during this period of change.

Lunch Orders

Our friendly Canteen staff are happy to take lunch orders before school and at recess.
Otherwise you can purchase a range of healthy food and treats at both recess and lunch times.


The Canteen has a daily Special hot food item which are published in the Daily Notices read to students during their Welfare lesson each morning.
Specials include items such as home made Pumpkin Soup, Chicken Burgers, Fish and Wedges, Rib Rolls, Pasta and Chicken Chippees, but change to suit the season.

Vending Machines

The Canteen stock three vending machines in order to reduce queuing at busy times of the day, if students only want to purchase a cold drink or sweet treat they can use the vending machines before school, during lunch times and recess.
Use of the vending machines between or during class times is not permitted, except with the permission of a staff member.


Canteen Menu - Term 4 2018

* Please note these items and prices are subject to change