2018 School Captains and Vice Captains


2018 School Captains and Vice Captains

Before being elected School Captain, I have been involved in the SRC, Interact Club, Peer Support and Youth Mental Health Team. I have been a Youth Mental Health Ambassador, RUOK Day Ambassador, Peer Support Leader and Gandangara House Vice-Captain. Through these opportunities, I have learnt what it takes to be a good leader, how to be a good team player and work cooperatively well with others. I am very honoured to be elected as Bossley Park High School captain. I will try to be an excellent role model for my peers and represent this school in the best way possible. 

Hi, I’m Rianna Moiler the 2018 school captain. I have been an active member of the school community, participating in a wide range of activities since Year 7. I have been a member of the SRC seen Year 9 and in 2017 was the SRC president. I have also been in the Youth Mental Health Team and an R U OK Day ambassador as well as a Peer Support mentor. I have also represented the school in a wide range of competitions including public speaking, debating and Tournament of the Minds. As the 2018 school captain I hope to give a voice to the students and make Bossley Park High School a great place to be. 

Hi, I’m Taylah Walsh, the 2018 school vice captain. I have been involved in many leadership roles prior to this and have been a familiar face to my peers since starting high school. I aim to promote goodwill and harmony throughout the school. I also have a passion for getting involved in the community. I have held a number of leadership opportunities around the school during my time at Bossley including R U OK? Day ambassador, Harmony Day ambassador, Peer Support Leader, Peer Tutor, Edina Vice House Captain, Interact Club Treasurer, Interact Club President, SRC member and Youth Mental Health Team member. I aim to create a more inclusive and individualistic experience for students within the school, and hope that my creativity, positivity and leadership can be spread to all students around the school. 

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