2018 Year 7 Important Dates


2018 Year 7 Important Dates

Please find the following important dates for Year 6-7 transition days for Year 7 2018 students:

Transition Support Program 

This program is for those students with special consideration needs. 

Thursday 2nd November Week 4

Please contact Laura Roby if you think your child should attend this program


2 day HS program

This program is for those students who attend our local feeder primary schools. 

Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 7, 21st and 22nd November


State wide Orientation Day and Parent Information Evening 

This day is for all year 6 students across the state. Students who have been accepted into Bossley Park High School 2018 Year 7 cohort will be required to attend our Orientation program on this day. 

In the evening, there will be a Parent Information evening for parents of the 2018 Year 7 cohort. 

Week 9 5th December

Please contact the school if you have any questions or queries. 

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