Student Leadership

Student Representative Council 

The Student Representative Council facilitates communication between students of Bossley Park High School and empowers them to contribute to and develop the culture of the school in line with Bossley’s Safe Respectful Learners belief. The ongoing work of the SRC creates an environment in which all students feel that they can contribute to the school and express themselves as valued members of the school community. 

The SRC consists of: two School Captains, two Vice Captains, six representatives from years 7-10, eight representatives from year 11, and six representatives from year 12. These representatives are voted in by their current year group and uphold the values of the school while leading students and being their voice.

The SRC plan and implement school activities, with a particular focus on fundraisers that support charities and causes of high student interest and concern. 

The SRC use their role as leaders to support the study body, staff and the wider community to improve the operation of the school and encourage positive action to benefit the school and its students.

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